Below are links to the Two Harbors Home Charter 2005. The Charter contains the following chapters:

Chapter I - Introduction
Chapter II - Elections
Chapter III - City Officials
Chapter IV - The Mayor
Chapter V - Powers and Duties of City Council
Chapter VI - Administrator
Chapter VII - Finance Director
Chapter VIII - City Finance
Chapter IX - Initiative, Referendum, and Recall
Chapter X - Police Department
Chapter XI - Fire Department
Chapter XII - Library Board
Appendix "A" - Initiative Petition
Appendix "B" - Referendum Petition
Appendix "C" - Recall Petition

City Charter
Table of Contents through Chapter IX, Section 10
Chapter IX, Section 11 through Appendix "C"
Charter Amendments
Ordinance No.111, Second Series
Ordinance No. 112, Second Series
Ordinance No. 113, Second Series